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Wizkers of Oz Grooming at Prestige Pet Resort
3717 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32609
Mon-Fri: 7:30 am-6:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am-1:00 pm

"Uncle John" and his Wizkers of Oz Grooming team offer a full range of spa and grooming services at our Prestige Pet Resort in Gainesville, FL.  Uncle John was a licensed Veterinary Technician for over 25 years before turning his passion towards grooming.  Now located in the main Shores Animal Hospital building (enter on back of building through glass door).

Bathing and Grooming Service Prices and Descriptions:

Appointments can take 3-5 hours as to not stress the pet or risk endangering their skin or body.  We take great care in keeping your pets feeling comfortable at all times. 

Baths for Dogs:

  • 1-35 lbs  - $19

  • 36 + lbs  - $27

Baths for Cats (any weight):

  • $22

Our spa baths include:

  • Hydrosurge massaging bath with hypoallergenic or special shampoo depending on your treatment needs, breed and hair coats

  • Brush out and blow out using a special dryer that removes excess fur from your pet's undercoat

  • Nail trim - with clippers, a dremel grinder or dremel/bevel grining and rounding (especially good for clients with tender skin)

  • Ear clean - flushed with special cleaner and drying agent

  • Anal gland expression - Evaluated and drained by the groomer.  Anal glands are internally located on each side of the pet's anus which lubricate their bowel movement and are used to leave their scent to mark their territory


Price based on pet size and your grooming style requests.  Range from $27 - $82.

Additional and Specialized Services:

  • Medicated shampoo for sensitive skin - $3.00 (in addition to bath - if you supply your own, no additional charge)

  • ​Weekly (Utility) Bath - $19 or $27 (depending on size) This bath is great for a pet with chronic skin issues, especially when used with medicated shampoo.  The price is discounted for your convenience to keep them on a weekly schedule when recommended be a veterinarian - $10 

  • ​Nail Trim - $10 (nail grinding at no additional charge for dogs, on owner request)

  • Nail Polish for Dogs - $10

  • Tooth Brushing - $10

  • Anal Gland Expression Only - $10

  • Ear Plucking- $10

  • ​Specialized De-Skunk Bath - $52

Current vaccination is required for services:

Dogs - Rabies, DA2PP (distemper/parvo), and Bordetella (kennel cough) - within 6 months
Cats - FVRCP (distemper), Rabies

All pets are expected to be free of fleas & ticks.  If needed, we can discuss products from Shores Animal Hospital that are safe & effective for your pets. 

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Does your dog need a bath?  Cat need a nail trim? 
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